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Lisa Berry, microblade brow tattoo artist at Brow 101 brow studio, Melbourne Australia Lisa Berry, microblade brow tattoo artist at Brow 101 brow studio, Melbourne Australia

Brow 101 is a studio in Melbourne specialising in the delivery of expert eyebrow services. From basic maintenance through to complete eyebrow restoration, we offer professional advice and eyebrow treatments in a relaxed and personal environment.

Lisa Berry, microblade brow tattoo artist at Brow 101 brow studio, Melbourne Australia

Brow 101 was founded by Lisa Berry in 2015. Lisa has been involved in the beauty industry for fifteen years, eight of which have been dedicated exclusively to eyebrows. She has worked successfully as a brow artist, trainer and cosmetic tattooist for some of Australia and New Zealand’s premium brow bars.

Helping you create and maintain natural-looking, perfectly balanced eyebrows

Microblade brow tattooing

Microblade brow tattoo


Annual colour refresh

$195 – $295

Consultation (1 hour)


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Brow colour


Brow shape + colour


Brow shape + brow & lash colour


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Before + after — Microblade brow tattoo by Lisa Berry

brow101 microblade tattoo before and after
brow101 microblade tattoo before and after

Curious about
microblade tattooing?

Discuss your brow concerns and discover whether brow tattooing is right for you during a complimentary one-hour consultation*. Also, check out our FAQs here.

*Consultations are mandatory prior to all tattooing bookings

Browse some of our frequently asked questions about cosmetic tattooing

What is microblade tattooing?

Microblade tattooing is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing and is known by many names such as hair stroke, feathertouch stroke, brow embroidery etc. There may be slight variations in all of theses techniques but they all commonly seek to achieve the same thing — soft, natural-looking eyebrows with dimension. Individual ‘hairs’ are tattooed onto the skin stroke by stroke, allowing for precision, control and a beautiful, 3D effect.

Is it like a body tattoo?

There are a few differences between microblade tattooing and body tattooing. Firstly, this method of tattooing is not permanent. It may last anywhere between 6—18 months in the skin with recommended annual ‘touch-ups’. The pigments used are safe, non toxic formulas developed for the specific purpose of cosmetic tattooing.

Microblade tattooing at Brow 101 is performed with a manual hand tool, not a motorised machine, as with body tattooing or other forms of cosmetic tattoo. All hand tools and needles are single use and disposable, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and sanitation.

How do I know what eyebrow design to get?

Brow 101 aim to create the most flattering eyebrows for you personally, and getting to know you is an important part of this process. Obviously we know our stuff when it comes to eyebrows and we believe that communication, collaboration and trust are key in creating beautiful brows that you will love.

We offer a complimentary consultation and also require that all clients attend a consultation prior to their treatment. This will ensure all concerns relating to health, medical conditions and the tattooing process are discussed and appropriate preparations for the treatment can be observed. The consultation process also provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss your eyebrow concerns (such as shape, colour etc,.) and allows the time for both yourself and your brow artist to make educated, considered decisions before your treatment.

Is there a ‘recovery’ or ‘healing’ period after my treatment?

It is not necessary to take time off or ‘recover’ from your treatment, although you may feel tender and experience some redness immediately after. Your primary obligation after your treatment is to care for your new tattoo, as per the instructions provided by your brow artist. You will be supplied with after care cream, which you are to apply for up to 7 days. You must also take due care to keep your eyebrows clean, dry and out of the sun. Exercise or any high intensity physical activity is discouraged during the healing period, in order to allow the pigment to stabilise in the skin. Please consider this when deciding when to book your treatment.

What if I don’t like it?

Every effort is made to ensure you will be happy with the final result. During the consultation you will be informed of everything you need to know about the procedure so there are no surprises in the end. Your shape/colour requirements will be discussed at length and in no circumstance shall tattooing take place until both parties are satisfied with the intended eyebrow design.

All brow designs are based on the measurements of your individual facial structure with concessions made for preferences such as thickness, colour and arch, which will be discussed during your consultation and again on the day of your treatment. Your brow shape is measured and drawn on for you to see (and approve) and used as the guideline for the tattoo - you will never be entering into the treatment without knowing exactly what to expect.

As the tattoo may appear up to 50% darker than it will eventually heal, it may appear very dramatic at first, leading to regret, shock or discomfort. Remember, it will fade! Similarly, if you have very little or no existing eyebrow hair, getting them tattooed may be a shock regardless of how beautiful the result may be. We understand that this can be an emotional journey for many reasons and will always work with you patiently, appropriately and sensitively to prepare for your treatment.

Brow 101 will not accept requests for eyebrow work which is deemed to be not in the best interest of the client — ie: shape and colour requests which are fundamentally incorrect, reworking of existing tattoos which are unfit for hairstroke tattooing and ‘novelty’ designs.

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